Buying vans and cars for cash

Need money or don't want to wait until your car sells? A cash buyout is an option suitable for those who need immediate cash for their car and do not want to deal with the formalities associated with the sale and transfer of the vehicle. The great advantage is that the car dealership takes full guarantee (both for the legal and technical condition) for your car.

What you need for this

  • Identity card
  • Original TP + OTP (large and small technical certificate)
  • Other documents (e.g. service book, manual)

Other requisites

The person who hands over the vehicle for sale, must be the owner of the vehiclethat is registered in the TP or must have notarised power of attorney. If the owner is a company, he must hand over the vehicle for sale Managing Director or person authorised by the managing director on the basis of a notarized power of attorney.

You own a commercial vehiclethat you no longer need for anything and would like they sold her? Then you have come to the right place! To the activities of the car dealership Car Gruber in addition to the sale of used vans and commercial or passenger cars, also includes purchase of commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicles from you we'll buy it on the counter-account or, if interested, for cash. Buying commercial vehicles for cash means you don't have to wait for the car to sell, but you will receive the money immediately. If you are interested in buying your commercial vehicle in Car Gruber, contact us either in person, by phone or through our contact form and we'll set up a meeting with you.

We will buy the car from an authorized person, i.e. from a person registered in the vehicle's technical certificate or a person with a notarized power of attorney. In order for us to buy your commercial vehicle, we will need to obtain from you ID card, original TP + OTP (large and small technical certificate) and any other documents (service book, manual, etc.).

And why this alternative sales to take advantage of? In addition to quick settlement a immediate payment of money car dealer takes over full responsibility for the vehicle sold. Buying commercial vehicles also gives you another advantage. You don't have to worry about the formalities associated with the transfer of the vehicle, thanks to which you you save a lot of time and unpleasant paperwork.

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